Age Group Competition Program Groups



Training groups under Scarlet and Gold are geared towards competitive swimmers age 9-14. Emphasis will be on continued skill development, introduction to race strategy, advancing stroke technique, positive self-talk, taking responsibility for own progress, fitness, and an introduction to training modules. It is acceptable for swimmers in this group to participate in other sports. Multi-sport athletes will have attendance requirements waived during the fall season only.  The program is divided into several training groups that are based primarily on age as we believe working within peer groups is an important part of childhood development. Entry minimums (groups within this program may have more demanding prerequisites) – can swim 100 yards of each of the four competitive strokes within USA Swimming stroke rules, can swim a 200 Individual Medley, can swim 500 yards continuously. Swimmers will attend a minimum of three meets and championships each season. Lead Coach Laurie Karr. 


Gold 1 & 2, Age 11-14

Goals of achieving Zone and Sectional time standards are discussed frequently within the members of this group. Swimming in High School and beyond is also emphasized. Practices will be offered 6 days a week during the school year with additional practices offered during the summer. 80% attendance is required. 

Scarlet 3, Ages 11-14

The Scarlet 3 training group will place a greater emphasis on stroke technique work and less on workload. Swimmers in this group do not hold current National BB time standards but aspire to improve their swimming. This group will take an innovative approach towards to improve performance through quality coaching, training and attainment of improved technical skills.

Scarlet 2, Ages 10-13

This group will emphasize achieving National BB and faster time standards, including Zones and JO’S. 

Scarlet 1, age 8-11

Entry level into the Scarlet program.

8-under swimmers, transition from lessons, new to the sport

Silver Competition Group
The primary focus will be on improving each swimmer’s technique and learning how to work with teammates. This is a terrific group for young swimmers that would like to explore competing in swimming or are new to swimming competitively. Recommended for swimmers age 6-9, maximum age in this group is 10. By the end of the program swimmers should be able to compete in 50 yards of each stroke and a 100 Individual Medley. Entry Prerequisite: Minimum age 6. 25 yards of Freestyle with rotary breathing, 25 yards of Backstroke. Able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Swim Team Group Progressions


This chart is intended to help swimmers and parent navigate the expected progression through the groups at Buckeye. We are showing a typical progression and an accelerated progression. All move ups are considered on an individual basis with physical maturity, and prior experience as part of that consideration. It is very typical to see a girl moved up before a boy, as girls mature earlier than boys.