Entry Level and Non/Low Competitive Groups


Silver Recreation Group
The primary focus will be on improving each swimmer’s technique and endurance in the water. This is a terrific group for youngsters that participate in other sports, are interested in swimming for fitness or are generally uncomfortable in competitive situations. Swimmers will be taught proper technique for Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, starts and flip turns. By the end of the season swimmers should be able to swim a continuous 500 freestyle with turns and a breathing pattern. In addition, we will measure progress through a variety of timed 25-yard, 50 yard and 100-yard swims. Entry Prerequisite: 50 yards of continuous freestyle, with face in the water between breaths. 50 yards of continuous backstroke. Minimum age is 9, group is set up for swimmers age 11-14.

Introduction to Competitive Swimming
This is our introductory group for swimmers that are interested in competitive swimming but aren’t sure if they are ready. This group offers two 45-minute practices per week with a focus on stroke development, swimming language and practice rules/etiquette. Swimmers entering this group should be in the advanced stage of swim lessons. Minimum age is 5. 

Fall Session 1: September 9- October 27; Fall Session 2: October 28- December 18 (No practice 11/27)
Winter Session: January 6- February 26
Spring Session: April 13 – May 27; Summer Session: June 1 -July 15

Scarlet 3, Ages 11-14

The Scarlet 3 training group will place a greater emphasis on stroke technique work and less on workload. Swimmers in this group do not hold current National BB time standards but aspire to improve their swimming. This group will take an innovative approach towards to improve performance through quality coaching, training and attainment of improved technical skills.

Silver Competition Group
The primary focus will be on improving each swimmer’s technique and learning how to work with teammates. This is a terrific group for young swimmers that would like to explore competing in swimming or are new to swimming competitively. Recommended for swimmers age 6-9, maximum age in this group is 10. By the end of the program swimmers should be able to compete in 50 yards of each stroke and a 100 Individual Medley. Entry Prerequisite: Minimum age 6. 25 yards of Freestyle with rotary breathing, 25 yards of Backstroke. Able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of Breaststroke and Butterfly.


Swim Lessons

SafeSplash Swim School

We currently do not offer on site swim lessons. We have partnered with SafeSplash Swim School to meet your Learn to Swim needs.  SafeSplash is conveniently located in the LA Fitness Centers at Polaris, in Powell, New Albany/Gahanna & Grandview.  SafeSplash is also lcoated at the Phil Heit Center in New Albany.