Giving Back by Paying Forward

An organization or team is only as good as its foundation, and this past summer Aaron Peirsol was “caught in the act” of strengthening the base by mentoring younger swimmers. Peirsol was the national team rep for the Junior Pan Pac Team. The three-time Olympian, gold medalist and world record holder considered Jr. Pan Pac’s the best trip of the summer, even better than the Olympics. Why? The opportunity to interact with up-and-coming junior swimmers and to mentor them to step into the big fins of swimmers who will retire during this Quad. “Our Olympic team had a mix of young and old, but many of our athletes are older and may not stay until 2016. This team needs to be ready to step in, deal with the pressure and perform,” Aaron commented. Give them energy and confidence. Get them ready to step in and perform. This mentoring theme can easily be applied to the officials’ side. Aaron could have spent that week doing many things, but he didn’t. He chose to invest in the next generation of elite athletes and Olympic hopefuls. He swam, laughed, ate, talked and coached with them, building a team, and passing on his passion. We mentor to give back. We mentor to pay forward to a sport that has been good to us. We need younger officials in our ranks, learning our craft, gaining experience, preparing to take our place on pool decks. We take them under our wing, and teach them the fine points of officiating to give them energy and confidence. We should be happy the “youngsters” are coming up behind us, rather than fearing that they will displace us. The frequent looks of pride and celebration on Aaron’s face as Team USA performed over and over said that it’s all good, and maybe even better.

Get Involved

 The continued success of the Buckeye Swim Club relies on the voluntary contributions of both time and talent of our membership. Without volunteers both team operation of the team and conducting events is not financially practical. Families are encouraged to participate in fundraising and become swim officials. These shared programs allow us to financially support a top-rated coaching staff, lease practice facilities, and establish a training environment so that our coaches can work their magic and our swimmers receive the best instruction found anywhere. We feel you will find these programs to be well-organized and necessary to operate a great program like the Buckeye Swim Club. We are always looking for ways to improve these programs, so after you ‘get your feet wet’, let us know your ideas so we can continue building the foundation for better athletes.

1. Home Meet Workers
We currently do not host meets. We will occasionally ask for timer volunteers for Championship Meets.

2. Fundraising
The Buckeye fee structure is composed of a training fee and a fundraising component. In real terms, the sum of the monthly fee and fundraising together is the proportional cost required to operate the team (i.e. each swimmers real cost). We have assigned part of the real cost to be labeled as a fundraising fee so that members will have opportunities to earn money that can reduce the monthly out of pocket costs of your families real cost. Buckeye families have the option of just paying this commitment in cash or participating in fundraising opportunities. Participating in fundraising activities is optional. However, once you see how easy some of our Fundraising activities are, you will certainly want to participate.

Volunteer Officials

 The rules of swimming are intended to provide a fair and equitable conditions for athletes to compete. Officials have the responsibility to ensure the rules are upheld at all competitions. USA Swimming Officials in the Central Ohio Commission are made up entirely of volunteers. USA Swimming has a well-run program to teach and train volunteers to handle these responsibilities; the USA Officials Homepage is on the USA Swimming website. 

Ohio Swimming Officials Page


The Buckeye Swim Club Boosters The Booster Club is an integral part of the BKYS. By fundraising the boosters are able to help provide the swimmers with much needed pool time, awards and many social activities, including the season ending banquet. Each family is encouraged to become a member of the booster club and contribute towards fundraising. Fortunately, all families will be able to participate in fundraising in order to help keep our club strong and (if so desired) reduce their meet fees. Both programs are outlined below Support our National Travel Swimmers! Our senior program will be travels each spring to a Regional level championship meet. Our Para Swimmers travel to Can Ams every year to represent Buckeye in International competitions. Each trip costs in the thousands of dollars to send a coach and a swimmer. Please consider donating or participating in our dine-in days to support these swimmers.

Dine -in Days
Approximately once a month we host dine in days with local restaurants. A portion of your receipt will go to our Booster Club.

Michael's Meats
There are hundreds of fundraisers out there. We are contacted by many companies with various opportunities. When we started looking for something our kids could do to help us raise money, we looked for a company we could trust who offers products that are unique, of high quality, practical, and offered high potential earnings. It also needed to be backed up with a program that would be easy and convenient for the kids, their families, our supporters, and certainly for the volunteers who would run it. The Michael’s Finest program fits all our selection criteria. We were even able to customize our product offerings to fit our community. A great experience awaits our kids!

Kroger Community Rewards
Every time you shop at Kroger and scan your Kroger Plus Card your purchases will raise money for our boosters. You still get poitns towards gas rewards. The average family is able to raise $10 a month for our Boosters!

Amazon Checkout
Click the Amzon link in our footer to shop at Amazon.  A portion (3-8%) of your purchase goes back to our booster club!
Please shop swimoutlet through our portal.  We receive a portion of your purchase (6-8%) back to the booster club!

Our Philosophy

The purpose of the Buckeye Swim Club Boosters is to fundraise for and support the Buckeye Swim Club. Through fundraising, the boosters will provide the club and its swimmers with quality pool time, achievement recognition and social activities. The booster club board is currently comprised of two officers and one trustee. The trustee, Coach Laurie Karr will preside as booster treasurer. The two officers will be elected every two years at the conclusion of the winter season.


  • Presides over booster meetings. 
  • Acts as the ambassador for the club and its coaching staff. 
  • Assists Head Coach in various club improvements, when needed.
  • Seek corporate sponsorship &/or grants for the club.


  • Maintains financial records.
  • Oversees fundraising.


  • Maintains meeting minutes.
  • Oversees social functions.
  • Oversees award recognition.

Social Activities • Halloween Party • Christmas Party • Championship dinner • Spring Awards Banquet • Summer Tye Dye Party • Summer Awards Picnic Additional ideas: Golf outing (could also fundraise), cedar point trip Fundraising


We are always looking for volunteers to post to our Instagram account or Live Tweet meets! 


parent meeting (pdf)