Where is the practice schedule?


The practice schedule is available via the website and Google Calendar. The regular schedule and any practice exceptions known in advance will be posted on the website. In addition, the Google Calendars are updated with late schedule changes. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the calendars for their groups and refresh those before they leave for practice especially in cases of inclement weather for outdoor summer practices.

Last minute cancellations and changes will be texted to everyone & announced on the TeamApp app.  Please make sure you have a cell phone number listed in your active.com account that can receive text messages.

Are meets required?


At the beginning of the season, the schedule is set by the head coach in an effort to provide meet opportunities for different levels of swimmers. There is an attempt to also to include meets that will give swimmers experience with different meet formats as well. At Buckeye, we believe that meets are an integral aprt of a swimmers development.  At meets, caoches are able to observe swimmers under pressure and give more personalized feedback for improvement.  They are also a great way to bond with teammates and a method of providing focus for all those practices!

The meet schedule reflects those meets that are best suited for our swimmers. A Buckeye coach will be present at each of the meets listed. Swimmers can choose which meets they want to attend. If you have questions About which meets to attend, you can always consult your child’s coach for recommendations.

How do I sign up for meets?


Meet sign up must be done online through the meet signup page on our active.com portal. In order to better prepare you, the “Meet Schedule” section of the website has further information and more detail About each meet.

When you are eligible for a meet, your will receive an email invitation genreated by Active.  Please respond to the invite immediately and either decline to attend or select sessions that you can attend.

We send in our entries to meet hosts 10-30 days prior tot he meet (entry date determined by the host).  Most meets close within seconds of the time that they open.  Thus, once we send entries, we cannot make changes.

How are swimmers placed in groups?

Groups are designed to maximize coaching and meet each swimmer's needs. Swimmers are placed in a group based on many factors - ability, skills, age, goals, etc. Swimmers may move between groups at the discretion of the coaches in order to ensure the swimmer is receiving the appropriate level of training. 

What do I take to meets?

 Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups and bring: swim suit, 2 pairs of goggles, 2 team meet swim caps (required), towels, BKYS t-shirt or sweatshirt and shorts or sweatpants (to wear in between events so muscles don’t tighten up if it’s cold), deck shoes or sandals, healthful snacks, drinks, and other items to pass the time like iPods, cards, games, etc. 

New Parent Questions

What is USA Swimming?


USA Swimming is our sport’s national governing body. It is charged with the responsibility to formulate rules, conduct national championships, disseminate information, select competitors to represent the country in international competition, and insure the development of its' member clubs and age group swimmers.

As a USA Swimming licensed swim club, HLA is obligated to ensure all swimmers are members of USA Swimming, Inc. It is also necessary for participation in any USA sanctioned swim meet. USA Swimming also provides its member clubs with liability insurance in the event of an accident, and the swimmers medical insurance to cover catastrophic medical costs incurred during a sanctioned activity, including team practices and activities.

What is Ohio Swimming?

 Ohio Swimming is one of 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) of USA Swimming. The geographic area includes all of Ohio except the Northeast/Cleveland area and includes Northern Kentucky. It is the governing body for the clubs in its geographic territory. 

When are the Swimming Seasons?

 The swim year is divided into two seasons. The winter, or "short course", season runs September to mid-March. The meets are held in a 25-yard pool. The summer, or "long course", season runs from April to early-August. Meets are generally held outside in 50 meter (Olympic size) pools.